Couple of projects we did in embedded systems

Membrane Casting Machine

This is one of the first commercial deployment of the embedded system we designed. The design involved the precise control of timings, the display interface based on activity analysis and complete integration of electronics with the mechanical structure. Further electronics we improved from the end sensors perspective with optical end sensors. So far from the date of development, electronics maintenance is almost none.

Automatic Gate with Bluetooth Interface

This is one of the D Sign Design initiated project and running just over 2 years in development. Complete product design right from mechanical to electronics is single handedly done by D Sign Design. Currently we hold a working prototype under testing at our premises and will be shortly we will be releasing it for market.

Stepper motor control with Character LCD display

This is from one of the early hobby projects we did and made it to some instruments to one of our client. Completely build around open source electronics platforms, we were able to build and deploy single units as and when needed.