Industrial Design of CNC Lathe


The challenge was to change in total the aesthetics of the machine, solve the usability issues associated with the machine. A detailed contextual study was made for the user needs, the competition in the market, the aspirations of the buyer, the maintenance ease, the concerned manufacturing issues for new aesthetics and then final concepts were proposed.

Industrial Products.
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Design of Mobile Petrol Pump.


Idea was not limited to what its content is design wise, However the whole business model as such was reviewed for design based on the various interviews with users and considering the government laws and rules regarding the petrol dispensing. The challenge was satisfying the government laws and norms for dispensing at public places. The total internal architecture was designed taking best care for the safest configurations. The dispensing interface at the back was another biggest challenge to solve in the design.

D sign Design, 2009

Industrial Design of CNC Lathe.


Being an successful model in the market, yet it was neglected how its being presenting itself aesthetically to its clients. We believe that the best of the technology & features inclusive in the product should also show its attitude in its looks. Here was an attempt to do the same. The user should get attention for his ergonomics and comfort as ultimately he is the one who spend hours, days and years working on the machine, and his productivity is at the centre all time. The aesthetics were gently touched upon, keeping in mind its brand image to clients.

Existing Machine.