Burglar Bar system Design for UPVC windows


The ultimate challenge was to come up with the grill system that will go easy on the UPVC window and door systems. The need was also for the very high productivity of this arrangement as the volumes were enormous. The end result was achieved through a aluminum addon profile system that very well integrated with the existing UPVC systems and never compromises on the rich aesthetics of the window looks. The whole system is very easy to assemble and not a single screw is seen outside.

Fixed Glass Louvers for UPVC windows


Challenge was similar as above, to create a mass manufacturable louver system that is easy to assemble, easy to produce, and value adding functionally as well as aesthetically. The proposed solutions were as in the Illustrations. Two systems were proposed, one is fixed type louvers which takes the advantage of plastic detailing and second was movable louvers based on the UPVC extrusion detailing.

Fixed louver assembly sequence.

Architectural Systems.
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UPVC windows support system for large aperture openings.


There is a limitation on the sizes of windows for how big aperture you can cover with it because of the extreme wind load resistance capacity required as per the standards. Even with steel reinforcing the solutions are not adequate . However a Alternative system, an hybrid of Aluminum and PVC can solve the purpose. The aesthetics and functional benefits of UPVC windows are achieved with the inherent material strength of the aluminum.

D sign Design, 2009